Try a Little Nonsense by Sarah Bryan

  I’ve always been very good at being practical. I get things done. I watch what I spend. I keep up with my appointments and obligations. I follow the rules. I have a regular routine, and I rarely wander too far from it. In many ways, I’m very good at being staid and orderly. 

All that good behavior and orderly living keeps my life moving smoothly, but it dulls my creativity. To-do lists and planner entries don’t always leave space for flights of fancy or wild hares. Sometimes I need a little nonsense. I need to cut loose, color outside the lines, and dance steps that aren’t what I was taught. I need to break the rules a bit, so my creativity can break into new places.

See, the tricky thing about all those practical rules and proper thinking is that, while they keep much of life in order, they put up barries that keep you from finding new avenues of creative thought. When your mind forms patterns of thought from which you rarely deviate, it isn’t long before you have a shortage of new ideas. Creativity needs breathing room, like the kind you find when you take away the rules and regulations. Silliness and nonsense are the imaginative playground in which creativity can run about and discover great new things. Let it hang upside down from the monkey bars, slide head first, and generally get a little nutty. Creativity at play is creativity at work. 

Next time you find your creativity feeling dull, try injecting some playful nonsense into your day. Play the notes backwards, dance whatever steps feel right, write a sentence without any punctuation. Maybe you need to hang your painting upside down until it looks like something new. Even something as simple as wearing mis-matched socks can get your creativity playing again. Do whatever you can to toss aside the rules and let your creative juices flow free for a little while. You never know what you might discover when you add a little nonsense to the plan.  _______________________________

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