Workshops, Busy Weekends, and Gratitude 

     Things have been a little off here on the blog lately. Hosting an all day workshop and doing long-range planning can be a bit distracting, but we wouldn't trade this weekend for anything. We had an amazing time with our workshop participants and guest speakers. Big things happened this weekend for everyone! 

Special thanks go out to our guest speakers: Susan Card, Lora Rogers, and Brittney Stasi. You ladies did an incredible job, and we were so proud to work with you! Thanks are also due to Amelie's Rock Hill and their fabulous staff -- Patricia and Lydia, it was a pleasure working with you both. Last but not least, thanks to the City of Rock Hill for their generous grant towards the cost of this project. This weekend would not have been what it was without all the people who helped us along the way. You guys rock!