Luggage, Not Baggage by Sarah Bryan

Change can be a difficult thing. No matter how much we need to alter course, move forward, or do something new, the fear of change can be a strong adversary to face. We try our best to avoid the change we don’t want to make, but sometimes that very change is thrust upon us. What do we do then? How do we proceed when life stops asking, and begins demanding that we move forward? What do we take with us?

Here is the one piece of advice I can offer:

When the time comes to move forward, pack your luggage, not your baggage.

Fears, bitterness, and emotional hang-ups from the past have a sneaky way of becoming stow-aways in our futures. They convince us they are intrinsic, even essential, to our lives, making us believe that we have no choice but to bring them along for the next chapter. They happily line up to be packed alongside our courage, our hopes, and our plans, taking up valuable space as they add nothing but dead weight. Next thing we know, those little stow-aways have populated our future with issues from the past.

Luckily, we don’t have to bring the baggage with us. The new situation that’s forcing change in our lives is more than just a demand for a new way of life, it’s an invitation to leave behind the things that didn’t work before. It’s an opportunity to finally shed the things that have held us back from being free and alive in our own lives. Fear can stay home, and bitterness can stop picking out new outfits for the journey, because they aren’t invited to the next chapter. They are old travelers whose passports have finally expired.

So, when life presents you with a new situation, pay attention to your packing. The baggage from your past doesn’t have to come along for the trip. Exercise your rights, and refuse to give the sneaky stow-aways passage into your future! Pack your bags with courage, hope, plans, and dreams. That’s the luggage to carry into tomorrow.