Summer Nights by Sarah Bryan

There's something mystical about a summer night. After the sweltering work of heating the day, the sun slips over the horizon, giving way to a slow-coming dusk. The light wanes, and the night comes in with cool, reserved mystery.

These are the times for stillness, for slowing to match pace with the fading light. The Mercury has risen fast enough, and rushing only makes it hotter. Slowness is the answer now. Apply the brakes and look around. Cruise slowly into this mysterious dusk, and explore a night land dotted by stars and their lightening bug understudies.

I'll stop writing now. I still have words, but my words are in the way of you meeting this glorious summer night. Put down your phone, close that laptop. Don't let an electronic glow hypnotize you away from this night, this moment. Go be part of this summer night. I'll be around later, but tonight is a one-time show. Don't miss it.