Manifesto 6.3 by Emily Lewin

IMG_7590Have you ever seen someone action out their passion with such precision and skill that they made it an art form? My neighbors growing up were like that with their yard, we used to joke that they rolled it up at night and tucked it into bed. It was gorgeously lush and green, like an emerald carpet. You might know the guy that is passionate about his car and carefully washes it down to the undercarriage to get it perfectly clean. That guy is so motivated that he will clean parts of the car that no one will ever see or notice, just because his passion compels him to excellence. Our friend Britney shared at our recent workshop that to her husband Luke, coffee making is an art form. Luke delights in finding just the right beans, grinding them to perfection, and finding the brewing method that will bring out all of the flavors. He then takes great pleasure in presenting Britney with a cup of coffee to enjoy, because it is the expression of his passion.

Passion fuels excellence, excellence compels skill, and the application of passionate skillfulness turns anything into an art form. Art is birthed from the heart, it's even in the word: heART. We believe that being an artist has less to do with your medium and more to do with your intention. What do you want to accomplish with what you do? What is the driving force, the Motivator, behind your work? Are you driven by your passion?

Artists are not limited to those who paint, draw, dance, photograph, sing, write, act, and design. In fact, the case could be made that if a person is doing those things without passionate excellence, they may not be truly expressing artistry. If the intention is to express your heart and you do it in an excellent, skillful way, you can make accounting, landscaping, cleaning your house, cooking dinner, or weeding your garden an art form. It's not the form of the expression that matters, it's what you are expressing, and that you express something. If Luke just loved coffee but didn't take the time to actually learn about how to craft the perfect cup, practice doing it until he got it right, and then continue to make great coffee, he wouldn't be an artist. It is the action, driven by the intention, that makes an artist. I invite you to pick one area this week where you allow your passion to drive you into an intentional, excellent expression of your skill and see what happens.