Curious Summer Challenge 2015 by Sarah Bryan

  I love the movie Sabrina, especially the 90s remake with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. I adore the humor and the romance, but my favorite part of it is the central message of really living in your life. The story revolves around the romance between straight-laced New York business tycoon, Linus Larrabee (Ford), and chauffeur's daughter turned Parisian fashionista, Sabrina Fairchild (Ormond). Naturally, Sabrina's very French approach to life challenges Linus's workaholic pace. She asks him, "Where do you live, Linus?" She knows his home address, but she wants to know where he does more than simply exist through his life. Where is he alive?

As many times as I've seen this movie, Sabrina's question always challenges me. Where DO I live? What happens to take me from existing to really LIVING in my life? I know one thing: I have to pay attention. I can't whiz through my life with my gaze turned solely to my to-do list (or my phone screen). I must look up. Open my eyes. I must take in the world around me, and become an active participant in my own life. 

Paying attention forced me to slow my pace. I have to truly interact, instead of being only quasi-connected. It's not any easy task, but it holds great rewards. It holds unplanned experiences, remarkable moments, and insights into who I really am. I actually get a chance to know myself better when I slow down enough to pay attention. As novelist Charles Martin puts it, "I stopped long enough for my soul to catch up to my body." 

That's my goal this summer: to look up, pay attention, and let my soul and my body get back together. I call it the Curious Summer Challenge. (Some of you might remember this from last summer). I'm challenging myself to be attentive this summer, to let my curiosity lead me into new discoveries. You're invited to join me! I'll be sharing my experiences on the blog and on social media (#curioussummerchallenge), and I'd love to hear about your experiences. Use the hashtag, mention Bright Ideas, or comment on the blog. I can't wait to see what we all discover when we begin to really LIVE in our own lives!