Stretch Your Imagination by Emily Lewin

IMG_7717Our imaginations are like muscles - the more you stretch them, the more limber they get, and if you don't use them, they grow quite weak and stiff. We have to be diligent and intentional about using our imaginations in order to keep them strong and full of good ideas and sparks of brilliance. One of my favorite ways to exercise and stretch my creativity is to read children's books. When was the last time that you read a children's book? If you have kids it might have been quite recent, but if you don't have small children it is easy to get away from the joy of reading a book written for children. We've talked before about how children have an amazing capacity to be creative because they have not been shut down yet. Children experience the world with all of their senses so they are able to hear a story and engage their imagination for smells, tastes, sounds, etc. Because children's books are written for children they often communicate profound principles and truths in a simple way. Some children's books are especially phenomenal for growing your creativity. If you want to grow your imagination muscle and increase your creativity, children's books are a great place to start. These are a few of my current favorites:

On beyond ZebraReally anything by Dr Seuss, but especially On Beyond Zebra. It's about all of the things you can find when you go beyond Z is for Zebra into all of the "other" letters of the alphabet. It's amazingly creative and all about stretching outside of the norm into our imaginations.


indexI also love Dallas Clayton's work! His Instagram feed is delightful, and his children's books are really wonderful as well. He has several but the only one that I've gotten to read so far is An Awesome Book!

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What are your favorite, imagination-filled children's books?