Essential Tools for Creative Superheros: Perspiration by Emily Lewin

That's right, good, old fashioned sweat is a key part of being a Creative Superhero. By sweat I don't mean that you literally have to have beads of moisture running down your body, but that creativity is active and requires a lot of hard work. Thomas Edison famously said, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." I've also heard it said that the people who are the most successful are not the ones with the most talent or resources, but the ones with the most audacity and persistence. Image(1)I frequently encounter the question, "How can I be creative when I don't feel inspired?" I think that we've credited inspiration with too much power in our creative process. Using inspiration is like drawing a charge from your Creative Batteries, if you've put creative energy in, than you'll have creative energy to withdraw. Creativity does not get used up, as you create you will become more creative. If we are putting effort into Creative Recharges, learning, creating, and taking risks (aka living a creative lifestyle) than we are not going to have a shortage of inspiration. All the things I listed are activities, requiring effort, or sweat, to achieve.

In order to be creative you have to give yourself time to work and projects to work on consistently.

I often don't feel inspired to write a blog post every week, but because I have to post on Thursdays I always find something to write. Even if it starts with staring at a blank screen and letting my mind wander for a few minutes until I find a topic, I always find one. I also give myself a time limit so that I don't spend the whole day trying to find inspiration for my post rather than actually writing it. If I'm regularly feeding my creativity than ideas usually come more readily. The more I write, the easier it gets to know how and what I like to write, and to find inspiration quickly. My perspiration pays off in inspiration. Being willing to put the time in to do the work is an essential tool for any Creative Superhero.