Creative Hi-Jacking by Sarah Bryan

IMG_6071 Life isn’t often glamorous, is it? It’s not always exciting, either. In truth, it’s often predictable to the point of dullness. Normal life engulfs us in the boring, the mundane, the unexciting routine. We get so used to the routine, that we move through our days on auto-pilot. Wake up. Go to bed. That’s life. . .or so we tell ourselves.  Yet, there could be more, lots more. What if you could hi-jack your mundane life by injecting it with creativity? What would that look like?   

It’s easy to become so conditioned to a routine that you stop seeing the actual details of it, much less the things you could do with those details. Creative hi-jacking takes your day-to-day behaviors, and turns them sideways. It lets you come at the process from a new angle. Ask yourself, “What would happen if I _________?,” and let yourself explore new possibilities within the realm of your current life. Applying the “what if” question to your normal routine causes you to see creative opportunities where you once saw only automatic functions.  

Your what ifs don’t have to be big; they can often be more effective by being small.  Instead of changing your life in dramatic sweeps, you can make tiny alterations to the daily plan. What would happen if I drove a different way to work? What if I parted my hair a different way, or wore sequins to the office? Maybe you could rearrange your living room furniture, or reorganize the radio settings in your car. Altering your routine forces your brain out of auto-pilot, giving you the chance to be inspired in new ways.

Here is my challenge to you: Take a look at your normal life and routine. Turn it sideways, spin it around, and look at it from new angles. Where can you make creativity-encouraging alterations to your routine? Pick one area (or more than one, if you’re feeling daring), and alter the plan this week. Did the change wake up your creative senses? How have you been inspired by the hi-jacking? Leave a comment below, or share with us on social media with the hashtag #BIcreativehijack.

Sarah is the co-founder of Bright Ideas, a designer by trade, and an artist by passionate choice. She was born and raised in South, and delights in sharing Southern culture with anyone who cares to learn. Sarah collects creative hobbies; when she isn’t making art, you can usually find her on the dance floor. Follow her creative adventures on Instagram and Twitter!