Speaking of Sleep... by Sarah Bryan

IMG_7755 So, I realized that I promised you a TED Talk link in my blog last week, but I didn't deliver. How lame of me. . .

To make it up to you, I'm giving you a TED double feature today! First up is the aforementioned video, featuring neuroscientist, Jeff Iliff. He shares about the science of sleep, in particular, how the brain uses sleep to clear out cellular waste generated by a full day of thinking.


Next up is circadian neuroscientist, Russell Foster, with a fabulous talk on why we sleep. From decision-making, to safety, to mental illness, Foster breaks down how sleep influences our lives on a multitude of cognitive and social levels.


Makes you want to schedule more sleep time, doesn't it? Sleep is important to mental and physical well-being, and it's important to your creativity! Proper rest is the key to unlocking so many creative doors, from innovative thought to physical coordination.  So, next time you find yourself faced with a creative challenge, go to bed. Whether you're dancer, a writer, or even an engineer, a good night's sleep may be just the thing you need to find a creative breakthrough!

Sarah HeadshotSarah is the co-founder of Bright Ideas, a designer by trade, and an artist by passionate choice. She was born and raised in South, and delights in sharing Southern culture with anyone who cares to learn. Sarah collects creative hobbies; when she isn’t making art, you can usually find her on the dance floor. Follow her creative adventures on Instagram and Twitter!