Rainy Day Songs by Belinda Bryan

IMG_7877 I don't know what the weather's like where you are, but here in Southeast it's been rainy. Really rainy. Like O-My-Lord-Have-I-Moved-To-Seattle kind of rainy. I can't remember a fall that's been this wet in a long time. While I love the rain, the endless days of grey wet can wear on even the strongest of souls. That's why I love my mother's latest post from her blog, Pancakes, Bacon and Coffeetalk. She talks about using praise (also known as gratitude) to overcome emotions that would try to drag her down. I let her tell you the rest. . .


Can’t sing worth listening to. By the time my kids were two, they didn’t want to listen anymore.


It’s raining here today. It has rained for three days now. The sky is gray and heavy.

But my spirit is refusing to cooperate with it. Cause I can choose.

There used to be times — hours, days, weeks — when I would have crawled back in bed, pulled the covers up and let my heavy heart have its way.

Nope, not any more!

I caught a glimpse of a better life. And I grabbed it. I’m holding onto this way with a life-grip, cause it has given me life. Changed my life to the max. The benefits to me are incalculable.

I heard of this verse in the Bible:  Psalm 8:2.

You have taught children and infants     to tell of your strength,[a] silencing your enemies     and all who oppose you.” (NLT)

That little phrase “tell of your strength” has a superscript because it can also be translated PRAISE YOU !

So I’m learning to praise and I’ve been learning it for over thirty years. Yeah, I’m slow. But when I get something, I get it good.

What’s your favorite song?  I have turned lots of my oldie-goldies into praise.

This morning, surrounded by trees going Fall, the rain hitting their leaves with a syncopated beat, wind ruffling the chimes, my senses were on overload . . .

“You fill up my senses Like a night in a forest Like the mountains in springtime Like a walk in the rain Like a storm in the desert Like a sleepy blue ocean You fill up my senses Come fill me again”

And He does. God is just waiting for an invitation to my life. To yours.

So I sing to Him, and He sings to me.

Have you ever heard Him sing to you?

He does!

For the Lord your God is living among you.     He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness.     With his love, he will calm all your fears.     He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”                                                                             

Zephaniah 3:17, NLT

When I praise God, the nagging, critical voices in my brain are silenced. My mind clears, and my emotions let me come up higher out of my funk.

The more I praise God, the more He is blessed.

Love that!

In myself, I really don’t have anything that God needs. He is God!  But I can praise Him and bless His heart.

When I do, it releases my soul, and then I can hear Him sing over me. Wow!

Yesterday, was a HARD day. I’d had 5 nights of very little sleep. I was running on empty. But I got a good playlist going and started to praise the Lord.

Then there it was . . . from “Alone, Yet Not Alone”

“I will not be bent in fear. He’s the refuge I know is near. In His strength I find my own. By His faithful mercies shown. That so mighty is His shield All His love is now revealed.”

After several nights of little sleep, it’s as though the enemy has a party in my mind. The thoughts are worry, scoffing, anger and terror.

But he doesn’t have the last word.

My Father has my back.

So I’m singing in the rain.