Creative Options for Giving Tuesday by Sarah Bryan

After fighting the crowds on Black Friday and loading our virtual shopping carts on Cyber Monday, it’s easy to feel like Christmas is more the Season of Shopping than it is the Season of Giving. Why not start December off with something more generous? Today is the 4th Annual Giving Tuesday, a national day to give back to charities and non-profits around the country. Think of it as the antidote to the holiday buying binge.  

To help you find the perfect place to give, here’s a list of charities that provide creative opportunities to children and adults around the world. From Christmas gift boxes, to arts education, to women’s empowerment, you’ll find the perfect blend of creativity and generosity here. Happy Giving Tuesday!

Operation Christmas Child

An offshoot of Franklin Graham’s international ministry, Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas child sends shoebox-sized gift packages to needy children throughout the world. Provide a child with a box of toys, hygiene supplies, and other gifts this Christmas. This is a great opportunity to share small creative supplies like paper, pencils, small instruments, even jewelry supplies. You never know what future artist may receive your gift, so let your creativity soar! Click the link for more gift guidelines, and information about how to pack and send your shoeboxes.


Dreaming Zebra

At Dreaming Zebra, our mission is to encourage children to embrace their individuality, to express themselves creatively, and to follow their artistic dreams.”  Dreaming Zebra is a Oregon-based creative non-profit that supplies new and recycled art supplies, instruments, and music to underfunded art programs in schools and charities around the world. Their Art Recycling Program matches donations of gently used instruments and art supplies to needy recipients throughout their network. Click the links to learn more!


3 Cords Haiti

An offshoot of Mission of Hope Haiti, Three Cords Haiti provides jobs for disabled Haitians and at-risk women. Three Cords workers create handmade bags, apparel, and gift items, gaining valuable technical and life skills in the process. I have to admit, this one almost feels like cheating, since the money you give can come back to you as a beautiful bag or accessory. Why not cover Christmas gifting and Christmas giving in one stop?

Sarah HeadshotSarah is the co-founder of Bright Ideas, a designer by trade, and an artist by passionate choice. She was born and raised in South, and delights in sharing Southern culture with anyone who cares to learn. Sarah collects creative hobbies; when she isn’t making art, you can usually find her on the dance floor. Follow her creative adventures on Instagram and Twitter!