Creative Humility - Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers: Walking In Power to Change the World, Pt 2

Creative Leadership is a key feature (maybe even THE feature) of Walking in Power to Change the world. Creative Leaders have traveled the length of their creative journeys, learned the lessons of the process, and gained valuable wisdom to pass along to other creatives around them. While every Creative Leader is unique, they all share key attributes that set them apart among their tribes and peers.

Creative Leaders Are Humble

Creative Leadership may seem like a prime opportunity for pride and self-promotion to grow, but the opposite is true: Walking in Power and being a Creative Leader require exceptional humility. Creative Leaders aren’t out to press their own agendas or seek attention for themselves – those actions are born from insecurity and fear. True Creative Leaders know that it takes far more power and confidence to let others shine than it does to hog the limelight. They understand that their identities are rooted not in how much praise they receive, but in the unique facet of the Creator that they carry. Attention, accolades, and praises don’t alter their self-confidence, because their identities are secure on something far stronger. They can step back and give others glory without feeling less sure of their own worth.

Creative Leaders are comfortable outside the limelight, but that doesn’t mean they never enter it. They don’t practice the self-abasing false humility that refuses to accept praise when it’s due. Instead, they know how to receive honor with grace, knowing that they don’t need the notoriety to validate their creativity. Praises might have once made them feel like insecure imposters, but now they understand that creativity isn’t born from praises and it won’t die from criticism. They endured the highs and lows of the creative process to get to this place, and they know that creative life keeps on going long after the glories fade away.

Humble Creative Leaders understand when to step back, and they understand when to stand up. Creative Leaders know that being humble to doe not mean being a doormat. Though they rarely go looking for conflict, they will stand up for their rights, needs, and ideals when the time comes. They know who they are as creative people, and that knowledge enables them to defend their personal boundaries in healthy, positive ways.


Humility self-check. Where and how are you operating in true humility in your life? Where do you struggle? How can you make humility part of your creative leadership? Take some time this week to reflect and think of ways to add more humility to your creative life.