Creative Hero University Now Enrolling! - Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers

Congratulations, you’ve discovered your identity as a Creative Superhero! You walked through the unveiling process, from Discovery, to Rising to the Occasion, to Walking in Power to Change the world. You know more about yourself and your creativity than you did before, but did you know you’ve been in school the whole time? Embracing your Creative Superpowers enrolls you in what we call the Creative Hero University.

Welcome to Creative Hero University!

Welcome to Creative Hero University!

What Professor Xavier’s School was to the X-Men, Creative Hero University is to creative souls. Hero U is where all Creative Superheroes discover, build, and understand their unique powers. It’s the training ground for the creative experience, with opportunities to try new ideas and hone skills. Here’s the best part, though: Creative Hero University isn’t a place on a map, but an experiential process in which all Creative Superheroes can take part. This training ground exists in your everyday life; class is held wherever and whenever you step out in your creative abilities. Talk about flexible learning!

Just like any University, Hero U has “Gen Eds” that everyone learns before moving on to more specialized study. These are the building-block classes, the foundational elements that all Creative Superheroes share. Things like intentional gratitude, cultivating wonder, and honest self-awareness are all part of the Hero U Gen Ed experience. They provide a solid, healthy base on which to build a creative life.

We’ll be unpacking each Gen Ed topic in detail over the next few weeks, and digging deeper into how a healthy foundation enables free creative flow. Come and join us!