Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek - Chapter 9

Welcome to Week 2 of our Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek Series! Today, we're featuring part of Chapter 9, which deals with differences between Perfectionism and Excellence. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to check back next week for another Sneak Peek!

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Excellence and Perfection are heavyweight champions, each having won many matches against lesser opponents. Both of them are impressive looking when they walk out and flex their muscles; however, in a head-to-head battle, Excellence will win every time. Excellence will win because it is motivated by and grounded in Love. We can operate in Excellence because God is our source and He is Love itself. As we draw from His inexhaustible supply of Love, we access unlimited resources to support our pursuit of excellence.

If Excellence and Perfection met in a boxing ring, Perfection would be so absorbed with being perfect that he would either do too much or too little. He would be unable to act for fear of being wrong. From his shoelaces to his mouth guard, he would over think every move, rather than moving in a smooth rhythm established by long training and practice. Excellence, though attentive to the details, would move from experience and habit in a confident way. Excellence would win because he would be focused on finishing the fight, rather than obsessing over making every move perfect.

Excellence allows you to have a process, giving you room for a beginning, a middle, and an end. Perfection does not admit any room for process. It requires that you either produce the final, polished product on the first draft or give up altogether. Perfection demands that you take your first baby step with the prowess of a marathon runner. Excellence expects that your first few steps will be shaky but that you will learn from them and continue to develop into something great.
— Bright Ideas Book, Chapter 9