Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek: Chapter 10

 Chapter 10 is all about possibilities! After working through the things that stop us from using our creativity, we are now ready to explore all the creative possibilities before us. Enjoy! 


 You have permission to step outside the thought boundaries erected by the status quo, and to no longer constrained by how the world says something can be used for or become. The key to changing the creative status quo is to learn to see in new ways. We learn to see in new ways by losing our fear of failure and beginning to ask questions.

You can see things as they are now and begin to ask the grand question, “What if?!” What if I turned this upside down? How does this look if I turn my head sideways? Could this be wrapped around that? Ooooh, what if I did it THIS way?!?! All of a sudden, you’ve gone from looking at the dishes in your sink to planning a new fashion line. Who knew that inspiration could be hidden among mundane chores? It’s all in the way that you see it, in your unique perspective. Beyond that, creative sight is in our willingness to play, seeing things that don’t exist yet and imagining what it would be like if they did exist.