Of Books and Budgets


Welcome to another installment of Resource Wednesdays! Today is all about books . . .so we're basically talking about my favorite thing in the world. I've been a voracious reader since I can remember, and I draw massive amounts of inspiration from all forms of the written word. My favorite form, however, is the novel. Nothing can capture my imagination quite like a well-crafted story. If I could, I would have a library, fully-stocked with all the books I'm just dying to read, but I'm on a budget. And it's not a Beauty and the Beast library-sized budget, either.

So what's a budget-bound bibliophile to do? I have three words for you: Library Book Sale.

Amazon and the online stores are great for single purchases, but if you want to stock a library in one trip for next to nothing, look no further than your local library book sale. These sales are typically hosted by your county or city library's "Friends of the Library" group. A simple Google search for "library book sales" in your area should yield a website or webpage with all the information about your local group's regular sales (if you live in the Charlotte-area, try the sales here).

These groups will often have small sales that run year round at the local library branches, but the best deals happen at the annual or semi-annual weekend sales. These are the mother load, my friends. Novels, history books, cookbooks, kids books - you name it, and they probably have it. Pricing methods vary, but rarely will you find most books above $2 a piece. Pay close attention to any groups that advertise special discounts on the last day of the sale; these often include deals like all the books you can get in a paper grocery sack for $5 (this is my favorite day of the year). 

No matter what kind of sale you hit, you can be assured you'll get a great deal. You also get the benefit of knowing that you contributed to your local community in a very tangible way. It's a win-win!