Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek - Chapter 7

We're hard at work getting our Bright Ideas Book printed for the Shine Conference in April! Since we're so close to having this project in real, tangible book form we wanted to share a few sneak peeks of what's inside the cover. Click here for more information about the book, or to pre-order the book now!

Here's a highlight from Chapter 7: Compared to What?

Jealousy and Comparison both work to distort our perspectives and thereby distort our thinking. The best way to fight them is to change how we think. Remember, the things we think about the most create pathways in our minds. The more we buy into Jealousy and Comparison’s distortions, the more we allow them to carve thought roads through our minds. We don’t have to let them do that! Whenever we feel jealous or comparative thoughts forming, we can combat them by shifting our perspectives. Instead of thinking “I can’t do this because I’m not like_________,” try thinking “what is ________ doing that might be helpful for me to try?” The goal is to mentally turn the object of your jealousy or comparison over, under, sideways, inside out, and backwards until it no longer has the power to keep you trapped and helpless.

Coming at Jealousy and Comparison from a new angle diffuses their power over us and can actually turn them into tools that help us grow. Changing our perspectives may show us that our life or work is more like the other person’s than we thought, or that perhaps we don’t really want what they have, after all. Even if we still want to be like them, examining the situation from a new angle gives us the tools to move in the direction of our desires instead of feeling stuck and inadequate. The most important thing to remember through this examination process is that, no matter how inadequate or small we may initially feel, we are allowed to be confident, knowing that we do not lack any resource needed to pursue our creative dreams.

Realizing your value as a unique individual releases you from Comparison’s constraining tyranny. When you stop trying to be someone else, you can learn to be who you are. The genius that resides within you can come out because you are no longer forcing it to fit inside the mold of another person’s talents, tastes, or activities. You can be you, just you, without any pretense or fear. And we like you, just as you are.
— Bright Ideas Book, Chapter 7