Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek: Chapter 1

Having our identities built on someone unchangeable frees us from the pressure of trying to become who we already are. We are heirs to God’s resources not because of our goodness, but because His generosity has made them available to us. We are creative not because we work in creative jobs or do creative things, but because God’s creativity flows through us from our relationship with Him. No birthplace, upbringing, educational background, or life experiences can disqualify us from these things because God is these things, and He has made us like Him. We are what we are because of Him. Period. The fearful need to “make something” of ourselves no longer applies because we’ve already been made into what we were meant to be. We can try things not because we “ought to” but because we want to. We can become who we were made to be, because we’ve discovered who we already are.
— Bright Ideas Book, Chapter 1

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