Bright Ideas Book Sneak Peek: Chapter 11

We believe that your unique creative expression has the power to change the world. The world needs you to be creative. There are people waiting to be healed by looking at your painting, or listening to your music, or wearing the shirt you made, or eating the food you cooked. There are creative people out there that need to be inspired by your ideas and innovations. There is something rare inside of you that is just waiting to burst out! Let it! That piece of God that He put inside of you, the part that is the most like Him and the most unlike anyone else in the world, is waiting to be expressed. You are the most distinct, uncommon, remarkable, one-of-a-kind, unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime YOU that has ever existed! BE YOU!!

Remember, the pressure to BE all of that doesn’t rest on you, it rests on your Genius, the Holy Spirit. He lives in you in order to help you be all that God made you to be. God intentionally made you creative, and He loves when you create! He wants to see everything that He put in you come out, shine, unfold, and be expressed. Yes, that scary, un-hide-able, brilliant part of you—that’s what we’re talking about. Let that light shine.
— Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity, Ch. 11