Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers: Discovery - Part 9

As we wrap up our discussion of the Discovery stage there are a few last practical reminders I wanted to leave you with before we transition.

Find your Champions: Surrounding yourself with safe, encouraging creative community is so helpful for walking out the Discovery process. Finding peers who are going through the same journey as you is vital so that you don't have to wander the trails alone, but finding Champions who can tell you the way to the nearest watering hole is equally as important. Sarah wrote a great post about how to identify Champions last week, keep these qualities in mind as you're searching for Champions in your life!

I'm not perfect, and that's OK statements: Perfectionism is a killer of the creative process, especially around Discovery. Perfectionism puts restrictions on what we are allowed to discover inside of ourselves. We'll talk more in depth about Perfectionism in the coming weeks but a great way to start combating it is to remind yourself that you are not perfect, and that is OK. You don't have to be perfect, you can be you. You are enough.

Keep saying yes: In the Discovery process you are going to circle back to permission over and over again. Every time you encounter a new little plant growing in your garden of creativity you get to give yourself permission to let it grow. Each step of cultivation is a moment of permission. You are in charge of your creative process and you get to decide whether to move forward or not at each step. Running into a new permission moment is not a sign that you have regressed, but rather a sign of forward momentum - keep it up!

Enjoy the process: Discovery is the amazing process of exploring all of the creativity that is already planted inside of you. This is a sweet time in which you have permission to fully explore and enjoy your creativity! Discovery is an adventure, a journey, and you will see sites and meet people along the way that you never would have expected to encounter. The unexpected is the best part of Discovery! Have fun!

Be kind to yourself: Discovery takes courage and brave steps and you're doing it! Even if you haven't always responded in the "best" way to your Discovery process, you're considering it and taking steps and that's what's important. We're proud of you and you should be proud of yourself! Keep up the good work and be kind to yourself along the way. 

We would love to hear more of your Discovery story! Feel free to share in the comments or on social media @brightideasco #mydiscoverystory #mycreativechampions #mycreativesuperpowers

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