Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers: Fun & Games - Part 7: Finding Your Tribe

Creative Superheros are not made in a vacuum. We all need people around us to help us become who we were truly made to be. We all need a Tribe and Champions.

Champions are the people in our lives who support us in our quest to be Superheros. They celebrate our successes, help us learn from our failures, walk with us through hard times, help us understand our journey, and push us further into our destiny. Champions are people who are doing the work themselves. They may not be doing the exact same work as you, but they are pursuing some kind of creative work themselves and in the process of becoming Creative Superheros. They are people who have walked the road before you, or may be walking it with you, and are more concerned with helping you than with advancing themselves. Champions are not manipulative or demanding, but they will speak truth to you and give you everything they have to help you move forward. When you find a Champion, celebrate them too. Learn from them how to walk like a Champion and begin to do it back to them and others around you. The world desperately needs more Champions.

Your Tribe can have Champions in it, but more importantly your Tribe needs to be full of people who you resonate with in your core. Tribes are group so of people who have history and roots, rites and traditions, roles and leaders. Tribe members protect each other and fight for each other and create a place where each person can be safe to become who they are. Tribes create a place for you and your gifts, even if that place didn't exist before you arrived. They give you a sense of belonging and safety. I always think of Professor Xavier's school in X-Men. He travels around finding people who have extraordinary powers (gifts) that they don't know how to use and brings them to a place where they can safely learn to develop those gifts. He gives people an opportunity to use their powers for good and to be part of a tribe. Similar to X-Men, tribes of Creative Superheros can band together to create a powerful world changing force. If you don't have a tribe, look around and either find one near you, or create one. Maybe you are Professor X.

Emily is a creative entrepreneur, loving life in Virginia Beach, VA, by way of DEN, CLT, & NYC. As the co-founder of Bright Ideas she spends her time doing freelance photography, writing music and blogs, designing pretty web things, drinking coffee, experimentally cooking, and exploring her city. You can listen to Emily's music, follow her adventures on Instagram or Twitter, see what inspires her on Pinterest, check out her photography on Facebook, or hire her here.