Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers: Ownership - Part 3

Ownership is the stage of decision - will we choose to use our Creative Superpowers for good? Our creative expression has the power to change the world, but we get to choose what kind of change we want to create. If we approach Ownership from the perspective of a Creative Superhero we will see the places where our creativity has been championed, we'll recognize our tribes, and see a path forward to positive change in the world. Our creative expression will be driven by love and passion as we begin to discover our true Motivators and Mission (more on that next week!). There is, however, another choice that can be made (though we don't recommend it).

If we approach Ownership from the perspective of a Creative Supervillain we only will see the places where our creativity has been rejected and we will begin to own that rejection as our creative identity. Creative Supervillains, as Sarah wrote about on Tuesday, choose to respond as victims of their Backstory rather than as Champions in the making. The result of Ownership is completely defined by our response to our past. Our beliefs are like a fortress - every time we choose to believe something, whether a truth or a lie, positive or negative, another brick goes into the wall. Creative Supervillains confine themselves within a stronghold of bitter expectations. From that place of self-protection, they lash out at anyone who appears to be threatening their limited creative expression. Creative Supervillains choose to recreate the same experiences they've received, not realizing that they have the power to demonstrating a better way.

These sad predictions are not the end of the story for Creative Supervillains! They can be rescued from their dark lairs by a tribe of persistent, strong Creative Champions continually demonstrating love, no matter the response. Dr Seuss's story, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, demonstrates this principal so well. The Grinch, with his two-sizes-too-small heart, hides in his cave hating the Whos and their happy Christmas expectations. He decides to steal all of their Christmas gifts, trees, firewood, and decorations hoping to inflict on them the misery that he is feeling. All of the things that represent the external celebration of Christmas were snatched by the Grinch. As he prepares to throw all of the Christmas trappings into the abyss he hears the Whos singing a joyful Christmas song and realizes that their happiness is not from their gifts but from their hearts. In that moment of realization the Grinch's heart grows three times in size and he returns their Christmas gifts and begins to learn to celebrate with the Whos. The key here is that the Whos chose to respond in love and that was what ultimately cracked open the stone heart of the Grinch. He believed that he wasn't loveable and responded out of that rejection, but when love was shown to him it changed his heart.

Creative Supervillains are formed by small choices to believe insidious lies that lead to bigger and more isolating decisions. The more they choose to believe the lies, the harder it becomes to believe the truth. It is never too late to return to being a Creative Superhero! God is the Ultimate Creator and giver of truth. His love can rescue the heart of even the hardest Supervillain. Look at your life, are there areas where you've secretly begun to harden your heart? Ask God to show you what lies you're believing that are trapping you inside of self-protecting Supervillainy. You can choose to replace those lies with radical truths about who God is and who He made you to be and return to being a Creative Superhero.

Ownership is a powerful point of decision because it is the stage where we take on our identity and begin to start developing and pursuing our Mission. It is essential that we check our hearts and remove any tendencies toward being a Creative Supervillain now while we are in the beginning stages. The world is waiting for our creative expression! Let's make sure we're using our power for good.

Action: Ask God to show you any areas of hardness creeping into your heart. Ask him to show you what lies you are believing about yourself, your creativity, or the people around you that are allowing that hardness to grow. Ask him to show you radical truths about who He made you to be and begin to speak those truths over yourself and your creative process. You were made to be a whole-hearted Creative Superhero!

Emily is a creative entrepreneur, loving life in Virginia Beach, VA, by way of DEN, CLT, & NYC. As the co-founder of Bright Ideas she spends her time doing freelance photography, writing music and blogs, designing pretty web things, drinking coffee, experimentally cooking, and exploring her city. You can listen to Emily's music, follow her adventures on Instagram or Twitter, see what inspires her on Pinterest, check out her photography on Facebook, or hire her here.