Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers: Ownership 5

Like any great superhero, you are going to face villains who try to either talk you out of your Mission, or who downright oppose and fight against what you are called to do. That villain may be simply not being recognized for your great powers and gifts and pressing through continuing to create even when you feel invisible. Your driving force behind your Mission has to be strong enough to help you face any opposition and come out victorious. That driving force is your Motivator.

As you begin to run after your Mission, you will start to uncover your Motivator. Finding your Mission, as Sarah described last week, is the process of discovering the things that make you feel alive. Your Mission is the goal or dream that forms as you chase the path of your passions. Invariably, as you allow yourself to take Ownership of your creative expressions, dreams and goals will begin to form in your heart. Ownership is recognizing that you want those things and beginning to move toward them with intentionality, preparing yourself to Rise to the Occasion (our next stage coming up!). You may not find your full Mission at this stage, but you can begin to allow it to form by acknowledging the things that make you feel alive and continuing to pursue them.

Your Mission will continue to evolve over time until it becomes an overarching dream and set of goals for your creative life. Your Mission may grow and change as you do but there should be a common theme or core value that runs through it - Your Motivator. Your Motivator is the driving force behind your Mission. Your Motivator is your "why" for pursuing creative expression. Simon Sinek revolutionized the business world with his book, "Start with why." Our friend Elizabeth Braswell always says, "Your WHY should make you cry." Your Motivator is the deep, passion-fueled reason for continuing to be creative even when it feels hard, uninspired, and impossible. Finding your personal Motivator is essential for living a sustainable lifestyle of creativity. That deep conviction of your purpose and passion will carry you over mountains of opposition and through valleys of feeling invisible. Your Motivator will empower you to achieve your creative dreams and accomplish your Mission.

We'd love to hear your questions or what Motivator you uncover in your life! Share yours in the comments!

Action: Take time to find your Mission & Motivator.

You can find your Motivator by looking at the list of passions that you made after Sarah's post and asking yourself questions about why you want to do each of those creative expressions that you are so passionate about.

What is it about _______________ that makes you feel alive/passionate/empowered/excited/driven/curious...? Awesome! 

What is it about (that thing) that makes you feel alive? Fascinating! 

What is it about (that thing) that makes you feel alive?

Keep asking yourself that until you reach conviction. You'll feel it in your gut when you hit on the bedrock of your Motivator. It may evolve and grow, you may craft the way you say it over time, but the core value of your Motivator will remain the same throughout your life.

You may have multiple creative expressions and Missions but often your Motivator can be the same or similar for all of your creative expressions.

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