We got a whole new look!

You may have noticed some changes around here and we hope that you love them!

About six months ago, we decided to take a comprehensive look at who we (Emily & Sarah) are now, and to think about the people who have unlocked their creativity with Bright Ideas. We've been honored to work with amazing men and women of all ages, and we hope to continue to be able to do that, but we found that our message seems to resonate the most with women. We took time to find ideas and inspiration that reminded us of these powerful women and crafted our new brand from those ideas - some of which you can see below. 

Celebrating the victories of the last few years - publishing our book, speaking at incredible events, and evolving our material into new projects - is also part of this rebrand. We are excited to express more of the way that the Bright Ideas and each of us have evolved over the last six years. Can you believe we're in our sixth year already?! So crazy!

This is just the first step in a series of new, exciting surprises coming in the next few weeks! You can follow along by joining our email list, following us on social media (Facebook or Instagram), or keeping an eye out here on our website. 

We would love to hear what YOU think about our rebrand! Please let us know in the comments or shoot us an email! 

Here's a few of our inspiration photos!

You can see more on our Pinterest here!