Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers

We were honored to have this article published in the March Issue of Stomping Grounds Magazine, a publication of 1701 Coworking in Virginia Beach. You can get a digital copy of the magazine (creative directed by our own Emily Lewin) by clicking here.

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero?

The good, world-changing kind of superhero? Dashing costumes, incredible powers, and crazy adventures have made superheroes the ultimate ideal for generations.

In typical superhero stories, the hero is either born with supernatural gifts or has an extraordinary experience which endows them with special powers. Though there were also self-made heroes, like Iron Man or Batman, most mere mortals do not have the incredible genius and wealth of Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark to build epic super suits that give an advantage in fighting evil. So we watch the hero stories, imagining ourselves as the characters we long to imitate.

What if I told you that you were born with superpowers after all? They may have been undercover until now, but the secret is out! Your unique creativity has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world. Creativity isn’t reserved for a select class of people.

Creativity is a trait of being human; if you were born a human then you are creative.

If you are reading this article then this applies to you. Not only are you creative but your creative expression is unlike any other creative expression in the universe.

No one sees the world the way that you do. You have a unique perspective on the problems that burden your heart, the solutions that you dream of, and the resources that you carry. These are your Creative Superpowers! Your creative expression can be as simple as solving problems in a new way or pursuing your passion with wholehearted excellence. Your unique Creative Superpowers in action can bring so much good into the world.

Every Creative Superhero is on a journey, one that involves many stages of life and creative exploration. You may be reconciling your Backstory, in the throes of Discovery, delighting in Fun and Games, stepping up to Ownership, Rising to the Occasion, or Walking in Power to Change the World through Creative Leadership. These stages are not a one-time event, but rather a cyclical path that every Creative Superhero walks on their journey. Regardless of what stage you find yourself in right now, your journey is epic and deserving of celebration.

Given our examples of creativity above - problem-solving and wholehearted excellence - the requirements for being a creative person are simple. It is up to you to decide what your creative expression will look like. What have you always longed to do but felt like you didn’t have permission to try? That feeling of longing is a clue to your unique creative expression.

Your Creative Superpowers might look like brewing the perfect cup of coffee, finding a more accurate way of accounting, or designing a new solar-powered lamp for the third world. Your creative expression might look like a traditional art form, or it might not. Regardless of what your Creative Superpowers look like, they are desperately needed right now.

The world is waiting for your unique creative expression! It’s time to throw back your cape, pull on your boots, and get to work as a Creative Superhero!

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