Now is the Perfect Time to Start: Rebooting Procrastination

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Perfectionism: a two headed monster

Perfectionism, the old enemy of creativity, has two faces: Procrastination and Workaholism.

At it’s heart, Perfectionism is a form of fear which insists on holding everything we produce up to an unattainable standard.

Perfectionism delights in finding any small detail and blowing it out of proportion until it looks impossible to overcome, constantly grading the outcome of every project before it’s even started.

To escape facing Perfectionism’s standards we often avoid starting altogether by procrastinating.

“Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.” -Victor Kaim

Procrastination is differentiated from legitimate busyness by it’s hallmark emotion: guilt. If you are feeling constantly guilty about that thing that you keep pushing to the back burner, chances are, you’re procrastinating.

Procrastination loves to delay on the basis of circumstances: the light isn’t good, you didn’t sleep enough, you don’t have the right pencils. Any excuse will do, as long as you don’t actually start creating.

Start Today!

Tools for Making Progress:

  • Set small, manageable goals with appropriate deadlines

  • Celebrate small victories (keep a confetti popper handy)

  • Make time for your creative projects (don't wait to "find" time) 

  • Do the hard things first (this helps put your best energy on the hardest tasks)

  • Focus on being done over being perfect (real artists ship...they finish work and set it out)

  • Don’t forget WHY you’re creating.

The Opposite of Perfectionism is Excellence

Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination should not mean that we stop caring about the quality of our work - far from it! The key to producing high quality, Perfectionism-free work is to operate out of love-motivated, passion-fueled excellence.

Excellence requires us to care about, to love, something (or someone) more than we fear failure. Only love allows us to do our best work, because love allows our creativity to move freely.

Until we begin to create from passion we will not produce our best work. Passion is driven by your Motivator, your reason for creating, and will help you push through Procrastination’s excuses into excellent creativity.

You can read more about both forms of Perfectionism in our book, Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity, or in additional blog posts here.

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