Fighting For Your Creative Voice

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Fighting for Your Creative Voice

The reason that I have been talking about all of these naysayers and enemies of your creative expression is because they are real. But think about it this way, the only reason that your creativity would have such loud, obnoxious, and determined enemies is because your creative expression is super powerful. 

I believe that your unique creative expression is so powerful that it actually has the power to change the world around you for good. That means that your creativity is worth fighting for, no matter how many enemies arise against it. 

Try this exercise. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a superhero. Do you have a cape? A shield? A mask? Boots? Belt? Weapons? What do you look like? What are your unique creative superpowers? What do you see that no one else sees? What ideas do you have that no one else has?

If the picture you had in your head is another superhero like Wonder Woman or Batman, that's ok! Dig a little deeper. What is it about them that you admire or want to emulate? Is it a power that they have or a value that they express? So often we aspire to be like these particular superheroes because they express something that we have inside of us waiting to be revealed. 

You are Super Powerful

This superhero is who you really are, no matter how you might feel on some days. Yesterday with Workaholism we talked about our identity as the primary source of our value. Who you are as a person, your dreams, ideas, and perspective, are unique to you and as such they can never be duplicated. 

Some times we lose sight of our super powers and need the people around us to remind us of what we really bring to the table. Like Edna Mode smacking Elasta Girl around in this gif. Edna is reminding Elasta Girl to fight for her identity and her family.

Changing the World for Good

We, the rest of the world, desperately need you to fully own your creative awesomeness and start expressing your unique creativity. As a creative community we can encourage and cheer each other on to great victories, no need to go it alone! But we do need to go it, to arise, to see who we are and start to live it. 

So, I put it to you. What are your creative superpowers? How are you going to change the world for good? 

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