Finding Your Creative Voice through Fun & Games

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Finding Your Creative Voice

In talking about Fighting for Your Creative Voice yesterday I realized that some of you may not know what your creative voice sounds like yet. 

Your unique creative expression is super powerful - it can change the world around you for good! Your creative expression, or creative voice, is worth fighting for and expressing! 

More than that, we need you to express your unique creativity! There are questions and problems for which only you have the solution. The world is waiting for you to step into your creative superpowers. So, how do you figure out what those are? 

Fun & Games

One of the best ways to discover your unique creative voice is by playing! Putting the exploration of your unique creative expression into the context of fun and games takes all of the pressure off of the process! 

What would you try if you didn't have to be perfect or proficient at it today? What creative expression is your heart drawn to but seems out of reach? 

Kids use all of their senses when they play. Watch a toddler with a ball, they look at it, touch it, listen to it, taste it, they squish it, throw it, and maybe try to sit on it. They take in the world from multiple angles and perspectives. They imagine themselves as someone and spend time pretending to be that person so they can experience what it might be like to be a cowboy or a superhero or a ballerina. 

As adults, we've gotten locked down into using our senses as identification tools only - are these leftovers still good? Is this sugar or salt? Our imagination is often considered frivolous or childish. Maybe what we need is to be a bit more child-like. 

Play Today.

All creative expression, including play, is something that you have to MAKE time for, you will never find time. If you want to grow creatively you have to give yourself time and permission to play.

Carve out some time, even half an hour, to imagine and dream and then try something. Imagination is the place where we identify what it is that we want to try, but then we have to bravely take the next step to actually try our hand at something new. 

Set aside a few dollars to spend on beginner tools or classes, or look on a discount site like Groupon to see if any local studios are offering free intro classes. Be proactive to find a way to play. Watch videos on YouTube or get a Skillshare subscription. Whatever you are feeling drawn to, there is likely someone online or in person who is willing to give you an intro into that expression.

You do not need the most expensive tools to start - buy yourself a cheap set of watercolors and some paper if painting interests you. Sit down with a YouTube tutorial and try some things. Once you play to the point that your progression forward is being limited by your beginner's tools, you can step into Ownership and invest in higher quality tools. For now, start with the cheap stuff. 

Fun and games may be just the opening that you need to find an as yet undiscovered talent or passion. You are a Creative Superhero after all, who knows what tricks you have up your sleeve.

To read more about Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers you can listen to our podcast episode about Fun & Games or read additional these blog posts. 

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