Changing the World through Creative Leadership

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Changing the World through Creative Leadership

Creative Leaders are people who have worked through their creative blocks, taken ownership of their unique creative expression, and begun walking in power to change the world. They are people who cultivate communities of thriving creatives. Creative Leaders actively and intentionally invest in the lives of people around them. 

Creative Leaders are people who have climbed a mountain of success and then turn to reach out and help others navigate that same trail more quickly and effectively then they did. 

Characteristics of Creative Leaders

Creative Leaders are marked by a distinct set of characteristics. We dive much more in depth into these in our podcast episodes on Creative Leadership (linked below) but here are a few:

Creative Leaders are generous.

They do not have any form of poverty mindset. They know that the more they give away, the more they have space to receive, which in turn gives them more to share. 

Creative Leaders are legacy-minded.

Creative Leaders consider more than just themselves and their immediate circle. They think in terms of generational impact and leaving a legacy for their children's children's children. They look to the past to glean wisdom and insight from people who walked the path before and they honor heroes and leaders from past generations.

Creative Leaders are also not afraid to raise up young leaders and train them how to be excellent leaders as they walk out their creative journeys. 

Creative Leaders are inquisitive.

Creative Leaders are always learning and growing. Always trying new things. They are not afraid to be beginners and cycle back through their journey of Discovery, Fun & Games, Ownership, and Rising to the Occasion throughout their life as they explore new creative expressions. 

Creative Leaders cultivate a diverse community, rich in different ages, cultures, and styles. They are always open to learn from the people around them how to grow and think with new perspectives. 

How to become a Creative Leader

We talked extensively about Creative Leaders on our podcast, Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers. We had so much to say that we had to break it into two podcast episodes. You can hear them both here: Episode 7 and Episode 8. We also wrote about Creative Leadership in multiple blog posts that you can read here.

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LinkedIn #TenTipsTenDays

I'm doing a series on LinkedIn this week called #TenTipsTenDays where you spend ten days giving a tip each day that relates to your field. I'm focusing, of course, on creativity. This is a super fun way to get the word out about what we do here at the Bright Ideas Collective and share a little creative wisdom with my LinkedIn crew.

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