Creativity Is For Everyone!

Creativity is for everyone!

There is a misconception about creativity that creativity is only for a few, select people. You either have to be born with some artistic gift, have a bohemian personality, or be confined to the realm of fine artists. 

This narrow definition of creativity is not only misleading, it has created a culture where many people have bought into the lie that they are not creative. The whole "left brained" or "right brained" distinction has allowed people to be pigeonholed into a very limited mindset. If you really only used half of your brain, you could only see with one eye. What if you are missing half of your world because you believe that you're not creative? 

I repeat: Creativity is for everyone.

You see, creativity in its most basic form is the ability to see possibilities and act on them. Creativity is essentially problem solving. I'd be willing to bet that you actually use creativity every day, but you just don't realize it. Can you imagine having a research scientist who is not creative? How would they ever find a breakthrough? 

Whether you are an analytical engineer type, a total flower child artist, or anywhere in between, creativity is vital for your life. It is so powerful that it is actually your own unique superpower. Unlocking your creativity will have a profound effect on your life, your kids, marriage, family, work, and community. We all need your creative expression!

Creativity is not only limited to artists, it is actually a trait of being human. If you are a living, breathing, human being, then you have the capacity to be creative. Like any human trait, some people are born with more natural ability in certain creative expressions. Just like some people are more naturally athletic, or have a naturally good singing voice, or are naturally good at math. You can learn to be better at math, music, and sports, just like you can learn how to be more creative. 

All musical expression is not singing, there is dancing, playing instruments, sound production, songwriting, and more! All athletic expression is not running, you can play basketball, shoot archery, or surf. All math expression is not long division, there is quantum mechanics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, and physics. Not everyone will naturally be good at each type of expression, but you can find the one that fits you well and where you have a unique piece to add to the bigger puzzle.

Similarly, all creative expression is not music, painting, drawing, fashion, carpentry, dance, sculpture, or cooking. It is all of those things, but it is so much more! Creativity can be applied to all of the sports, music, and math expressions listed above to find breakthroughs and try new methods. Like you can learn and grow your athletic abilities, you can also learn and grow your creative expression. 

We're going to dive further into how to grow your creativity and how to work through creative blocks over the next ten days! Stay tuned!

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