Why Live Group Courses?

What is the Bright Ideas Collective?

Bright Ideas is a collection of playful, practical resources designed to help you work through blocks to your creative expression. We help you find your unique creative voice and begin to express it in authentic, balanced, and active ways. Our goal is to see a community of Creative Superheroes, using their super powerful creative expression to change the world for good.

The Bright Ideas Collective is a group of people who are passionately pursuing all of their creative expression. Bright Ideas started with two twenty-something girls who knew that there was "something more" for their creativity and set out to find it. We published a book, launched a podcast, spoke at conferences, and started building a community.

Bright Ideas beginnings

The Bright Ideas Collective was birthed out of twelve week groups that Sarah and I led in our house in Charlotte, North Carolina. When we launched the first group seven years ago, we were developing the material as we went along and flying by the seat of our pants for most of the meetings. Miraculously, the women who came took ownership of the material for themselves and experienced real transformation in their creativity and, as a result, their lives. 

We continued to lead groups developing and maturing the content into our book, Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity. This book is a resource forged in the feedback fires of women ranging in age from twenty to eighty-years-old and in every season of life. The Bright Ideas book is a resource that can be powerful by itself, but in the context of a group it's impact is exponential.

Why small groups?

Small groups create a tapestry of learning and experience. You ask the question burning in your heart, prompting a conversation that leads to places none of us had yet considered. Another group member makes an observation that holds the key to your breakthrough. You had not seen life from that perspective previously, but was unlocked for you as a gift by the group. Groups can take the morsels that each person brings to the table and transform them a feast for all.

Why online groups?

The groups we've done in the past have all been in person groups based around a specific location. As we've grown, the locations of people who are interested in participating with Bright Ideas has expanded. In order to make these groups accessible to a wider audience we're doing this first run of online groups, but rather than watching pre-recorded videos (which can be awesome) we're doing a live video call so that you get the opportunity to build real community while going through the group.

Pick your best context - are you an early morning riser or a night owl? We've got a class for both! Jump in and bring your friends!

Feel free to contact me with any questions! info@brightideascollective.com

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