These are people who we love, who inspire us creatively, have enriched our lives, and are doing amazing creative things. They've all supported our creative endeavors and Bright Ideas in some way. Check them out and let us know who you love!

Susan Card and Greg Card are two of our favorite creative people. We would not have Bright Ideas today if it wasn't for their encouragement and insight. They are amazing fine artists and you can see more of their work by clicking on their names.

Anastasia Merriken

Lora Rogers

Brittney Stasi

Katelyn Creech

Alicia Lewin

Joshua Lewin



Away We Go

Courtney Albertson

Terri Carter

Belinda Bryan

Sarah Bell

Jeane Reveendran

Breanna Garber

Alex Priore

Wynter DePriest

Olivia Dyer

Ian Randall Thornton