Hello! We like you already.

                       Hey! I’m Emily.                                                          Hello, I’m Sarah.

Our Story

In early 2012, we were getting coffee, talking about our plans for the new year, and dreaming about what we thought was the distant future. One of those dreams was developing a creativity course. We thought that it would require twenty or thirty years of teaching classes with other people’s materials before we could possibly, maybe think about creating our own curriculum. What could two early twenty-something year old girls possibly know about teaching people to be creative? Even if we did know something, who would listen to us?

Fast-forward a few weeks, and there we were, sitting in our kitchen, teaching a group about creativity based off of our own ideas and experiences.  You're probably wondering, what changed our timeline? A simple conversation with our friends, Greg & Susan Card, a few days after our coffee talk shifted our perspective. They helped us see that we weren’t too young and inexperienced to make our dreams happen, and that we already had what we needed inside of us. The intentional encouragement of these two incredible artists helped set us on our way. Drawing on college classes, articles and books we’ve read, and our own experiences, we’ve developed these materials to help all of us live more creative lives.

We’re the Bright Ideas Girls. Here’s what we think of each other since we’re not good at describing ourselves. This could be dangerous.

Emily’s personality is best expressed in her hair, which is curly and abundant. She loves coffee and people who remember that she can’t eat gluten (if you send her cookies, please keep this in mind). Emily has been known to wax poetic about light—sending her outside during the Golden Hour may produce near-rapturous reactions. She often spontaneously bursts into song; she is somewhat like Maria Von Trapp, except that she doesn’t ask us to wear clothing made from the curtains...yet. Emily loves exploring new places, getting to know new people, and capturing previously the unnoticed beauty of both with her camera. She is quite likely to ask you about your dreams and passions, and loves to share her new collaborations.

Sarah loves trivia, sarcasm, and flirting. If she were an animal, she would be a cat, no doubt about it. She loves to curl up in comfy furniture, or on comfy people, and if she wants your attention she will lay her head on your book until you start to pet her. Sarah’s Southern/Jewish-mamma upbringing comes out in her tendency to cook dinner regularly and in large portions and her encouragements to go to bed at a reasonable hour. She is a walking encyclopedia of random history, interior design facts, and thoughts about the beauty of Southern culture. Things around her become well designed or cease to exist. Sarah likes to cartoon people and situations around her in her head, and samples of comics with nerdy themes are known to end up on our fridge (think picketing triangles). Dance parties in the kitchen are a regular occurrence, and her hips don’t lie. Sarah spends her time writing Bright Ideas blog posts, practicing ballroom dance routines, and creating art.

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