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Changing the World Through Creative Leadership

How do you identify Creative Leaders? Creative Leaders are people who have worked through their creative blocks, taken ownership of their


Now is the Perfect Time to Start: Rebooting Procrastination

Perfectionism: A Two-Headed Monster Perfectionism, the old enemy of creativity, has two faces: Procrastination and Workaholism. In our fear of imperfection


Silence the Naysayers: Imposter Inspector

Silence the Naysayers: Impostor Inspector Impostor Inspector is that condescending whisper from the shadows that you are a fraud whose “real”


Silence the Naysayers: Ringleader Regret

Silence the Naysayers: Ringleader Regret Ringleader Regret is a master entertainer who lives to fill your mind with reruns of his


Silence the Naysayers: Colonel Criticism

Silence the Naysayers: Colonel Criticism Often disguising himself as “constructive input,” Colonel Criticism rushes in with his long, condescending finger ready


Escape the Comparison Trap

Comparison is a Creativity Killer Comparison places all of your focus on someone else, trapping you in a constant analyzation of


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