Light up your creativity in this eight-week class.

In this live, online class you will...

Light up your creativity

Work through things that block your creativity with practical actions and group discussion every week. 

Get new creative ideas

As you start to unblock your creativity, new ideas and creative expression will begin to unfold in your life.

Build creative Community

You will join a group of people who are on a similar journey to explore all of their creativity and you will all grow together!

This is your time! Let your voice be heard.

The world is waiting for you to fully explore and express all of your creativity. We need your creative voice to be heard! You have beautiful expressions of creativity inside of you that will not only enrich your life, but will benefit everyone around you when they are released. 

What should you expect from this class?

This eight-week class will be led by Emily Lewin, co-author of "Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity and host of the Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers podcast. Every week you will join a live video call with a group of people who are all working to unlock their creativity. You'll read one or two chapters in the book, "Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity" each week and do practical actions related to those chapters to take ownership of your own creative process. On the call, you'll discuss questions and thoughts raised by the chapters and actions and do fun creative activations! You can expect to unlock areas of creativity that have been laying dormant, find more access to your creative voice, and to build community with the other people in the class as you journey together. Unlocking your creativity is a vulnerable, yet valuable, process. 

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