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What is Creativity?

We believe that every person is creative and that every life can benefit from creativity. Your unique creative expression is powerful enough to change the world and we want to help you explore and express all of your creativity!

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative, you just have to be a human. 

What is the Collective?

The Bright Ideas Collective is where we share our best resources, ideas, and friends so you can grow your creative expression in the context of a vibrant community.

Our ultimate goal is to help foster in-person communities, but since we can’t be everywhere at once we wanted to start here! 

In this group you will have access to ALL THE THINGS!! Including: 

  • Invitation to join our private Facebook community which serves as the gathering place for the Bright Ideas Collective.

  • Opportunity to ask questions to upcoming podcast guests in advance whenever possible and access to the extended Q&A episodes.

  • Discounts in the Bright Ideas Store, discounts on and early access to new resources and event tickets whenever possible, special bonuses from podcast guests.

  • Early access and discounted tickets to live events and opportunities to meet up in person with other members of the Collective.

  • In the future we want to expand into things like:

    • Quarterly live events like live panel discussions, guests AMA’ s (Ask Me Anything), and Emily’s Mailbox.

    • Mastermind-type groups within the Collective to help foster your future creative business ideas and inventions.

    • Small group/community leadership development for creative leaders who want to develop a creative community in their area.


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Your investment in the Bright Ideas Collective allows us to continue creating these resources for you and investing into this community in a meaningful way.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and believe wholeheartedly that the resources you will receive will far outweigh the cost of membership.

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