Bright Ideas Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Hire us to speak at your next event

Emily is available to speak anywhere in the world where you want to be more creative! Emily has been speaking at conferences and workshops, some hosted by Bright Ideas, others as a guest, since 2011. 

You can see more details about the events Emily, and Sarah, have spoken at in the past by clicking here. Bright Ideas plans to continue to host our own workshops in the future as well.

Emily is always open to collaboration and has spoken at schools and businesses, as well as creative conferences and women-focused events.

Here are a few topic ideas: 

– Creative Leadership

– Unveiling Your Creative Superpowers

– Practical ways to activate your creativity

– Creativity & Entrepreneurship

– Living a Sustainable Lifestyle of Creativity

– Starting a Creative Business

– Creative Problem Solving / Creativity in the Workplace

Here’s an example of our Perspective Talk at
The Breath and the Clay