S2. E2. Kate Creech on Using Art to Process Trauma in our Backstory.

Welcome to Season 2! Our very first podcast guest EVER is my dear friend Kate Creech. Kate is a watercolor artist, storyteller, poet, counselor, and many more creative things. In this episode we discuss the impact of trauma on your Backstory and the ways that art can help us process hard and heavy topics. One of my favorite quotes from the interview was when Kate said, "Beauty overcomes the darkness." So good!

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Emily Lewin is the founder of The Bright Ideas Collective, co-author of "Bright Ideas: Light Up Your Creativity", host of the Bright Ideas Collective Podcast, speaker, musician, artist, and all-around lover of creativity. She loves long beach days, exploring new cities, drinking good coffee, and being with her people. Emily is passionate about helping other people discover, explore, and express their creativity and building creative communities.