Speaking Reviews

Sarah and Emily’s work won me over from the ranks of the contented uncreative. They bridged the gap between me and their passion in a way that no other champions of creativity had been able to do and compelled me to accept both the creative ability and the creative responsibility conveyed with God’s image. I’ve alternately blessed and cursed them for this. It’s no longer satisfying to merely admire or even imitate beauty; now I want to discover and add something of my own to its storehouse. Not to worry if they win you over – they have a seemingly inexhaustible store of ideas to get you started. I especially commend their work to others like me, left-brained and suspicious of rainbows and unicorns. You’ll find their minds fully the equal of their hearts.

— Philip P.

I had already read the book, so I was familiar with its ideas. The workshop was a refresher that renewed my determination to engage in the creative aspects of my life. The activities were engaging and challenged me to think out of my routine box. The richness of the creative conversation was life-giving.

— Belinda B.